Tokenized Communities Year in Review

This report, written and curated by the Forefront team, covers the journey the tokenized community ecosystem has taken from 2020 to today, highlighting the remarkable progress we made last year.

By Forefront - Feb 2, 2023


This isn’t the first time Forefront is looking back on our year in tokenized communities, and there’s no doubt things have changed – a lot.

Our first report, Social Tokens Year in Review 2020, explored the extremely nascent landscape of social crypto. It covered the origins of personal tokens through tokenized time (Matthew Vernon’s “Boi”), the Initial $ALEX Offering from the now founder of Showtime, the early days of $RAC, NFTs as payments ($WHALE), permissioned access (CollabLand), and much, much more...

As of December 28th, 2020, there were no more than a couple dozen social tokens on Ethereum with around 7000 cumulative holders and an aggregate market cap of $81M.

This report is a celebration of how far we've come, and the opportunity ahead of us to bring tokenized communities to the masses

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