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The Forefront Journal aims to offer high quality insights on tokenized communities and the intersection of web3 and culture. We are now accepting new pitches.

By Forefront - Nov 22, 2022


To get the widest range of perspectives possible, we're sourcing insights from the community with guest essays.

To submit an essay, please email a draft to with the subject line “Request for Essays – Title”. Select essays will be published by the Forefront Journal and authors of those pieces will be compensated accordingly.

Note: We will accept open submissions on the following topics, please note, only new essays that have not previously been published will be considered.

What we're not looking for: Highlights of individual projects. We have a very strict no-shill policy. If you want to talk about a specific project, please be sure to incorporate it into a larger thesis. Articles that are only based on personal anecdotes - while including your own personal experiences in an article is fine, it must be supplemented with additional external research.

Here's a list of topics we're looking for and actively researching as a community.

Builders' Perspectives

Community Design

How do we design engaging communities that people are eager to participate in-- where the culture comes first, instead of financial incentive? How can we design online communities that meaningfully improve peoples' lives instead of competing for limited focus in a competitive attention economy? We define community design as the initial process of identifying a community, designing a community space, designing incentive structures, and creating fun experiences where people can thrive. Articles in this category can also touch on how communities grow into movements-- the creation of ideas that in turn spark their own spinoff communities and movements for change.

We're also interested in articles touching on community experience design - how initial structures are maintained day to day over long periods of time to prevent engagement from stagnating and the broader community from losing faith in a project's initial vision. Conversations about mental health, burnout, and dealing with conflict as a community are welcome.

User Experience Design in DAO Infrastructure

Our upcoming design review column aims to provide a space for measured critiques of approaches to design-- both visually and in terms of user experience-- for tokenized communities. Previous notions of design thinking no longer completely work in web3, where new variables such as designing for change and emergence (individuals evolving their behaviors throughout the course of interaction with a community, as opposed to remaining fixed in a rigid user persona) alter previous approaches to design research. Web3 design itself is also notoriously unfriendly to new users -- but why is this the case? We're inviting you to deep dive on web3's design problems and critique not only the product design industry more generally, but also approaches to designing important web3 infrastructure such as wallets, marketplaces, bridges, and more. Writing about design trends is also welcome in this category.

Navigating web3 Philosophy and Ethics

As discussed in The Moral Character of Cryptographic Work, blockchain based technology has a slew of moral and political implications. We welcome (civil, well researched, and well articulated) op-eds discussing the negative and positive effects of blockchain on broader societal and political life. Given the demanding, immersive nature of this technology, we believe that such debate is necessary for the health of the space.

Emerging web3 cultures

Global Hubs

Blockchain is a global movement. We want to look at blockchain through a hyperlocal lens and highlight its impact in builder hubs around the world. We're particularly interested in highlighting hubs in Africa, Asia, South America, and the Middle East which usually don't get much coverage in mainstream crypto publications. Pieces that fall under this category should capture emerging web3 subcultures in global cities, feature interviews with local builders, and capture the impact these hubs are having on different blockchain ecosystems and projects.

Cultural Production

From digital fashion to digital art, web3 is leading a cultural renaissance -- and we want to capture it. Rather than shilling individual projects, what we really are getting at in this category is analysis of broader trends in web3 cultural artifacts, whether its fashion, art, webcomics, or music. Writing about individual projects is fine as long as the focus of the piece is on a larger thesis.

Bridging web2 and web3 culture

On the Forefront podcast, we've talked a lot about how major web2 companies like Gamestop and Disney are building web3 solutions. We believe that these approaches will have a big role to play in onboarding the next million people onto web3, and we want to invite critical analysis of what these companies are doing right and wrong, as well as how it will affect the broader crypto industry. Articles that document how the paradigm is meaningfully shifting in the broader technology industry to accommodate web3 are welcome in this category.

To submit an essay, please email a draft to with the subject line “Request for Essays – Title”. Select essays will be published by the Forefront Journal and authors of those pieces will be compensated accordingly.

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