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By Jihad Esmail - May 3, 2023

Economic Models for Tokenized Communities

How do we create sustainable cash- or value-flow for tokenized communities? This essay outlines 9 strategies and their pros and cons.


By Chris Carella - May 3, 2023

The Opportunities and Limitations of Nounish DAOs

Nounish DAOs represent a groundbreaking development in the DAO landscape, melding technical advancements with a distinct cultural foundation.


By Jihad Esmail - May 3, 2023

Dropping as a DAO

One way DAOs leverage their collective power is through Droposals – originally coined by Gami – which are proposals made by the DAO to create and release products or collectibles, often in collaboration with artists, that generate revenue for the DAO while fostering user engagement.


By Forefront - Feb 2, 2023

Tokenized Communities Year in Review

This report, written and curated by the Forefront team, covers the journey the tokenized community ecosystem has taken from 2020 to today, highlighting the remarkable progress we made last year.


By Mashal Waqar - Sep 1, 2022

Rethinking Community Design to Build Better Communities

Forefront Journal publishes essays from the frontier of web3 social and tokenized communities. This is a guest essay from Mashal Waqar.


By Maxwell Kanter and Scott Moore - Aug 23, 2022

An Exploration of Internet-Native Organizations

Forefront Journal publishes essays from the frontier of web3 social and tokenized communities. This is a guest essay from Scott Moore and Maxwell Kanter of Gitcoin.


By Forefront and Esha Bora - Jul 19, 2022

The Decentralized Science Movement

Exploring the potential of blockchain technology and tokenized communities in taking academic research to the next level.


By Jihad Esmail - Jun 30, 2022

What Makes Tokenized Communities Valuable?

The goal of this essay is to further explore what makes tokenized communities valuable.


By Forefront and Jihad Esmail - Mar 21, 2022

Tokenized Communities

Web3 has introduced a new type of organization: Tokenized Communities.


By Chu and Fancy and Forefront - Dec 1, 2021

Permissionless Brands

Chu and Fancy are part of the core team at Protein Community, these thoughts are their own and don't represent the views of the full Community. We'd like to say thank you to Other Internet and their article on Headless Brands, which was integral to our thinking.


By Nir Kabessa - Nov 16, 2021

The Super DApp Thesis

The West’s WeChat (an all-in-one app that can do everything) will be a “Super DApp” consisting of one/few web3 apps/platforms integrating with a growing set of permissionless protocols, standards, and cloud solutions. Some worthy contenders have already emerged.


By Joey DeBruin - Oct 7, 2021

Why the New York Times Should be Tokenized

Special thanks to Sari Azout, and to Jihad and Carlos from Forefront for help getting this piece put together. Follow along with me on Twitter as we set these experiments live over the coming months.


By Austin Robey - Jul 5, 2021

Ways to improve the ownership economy

This is a guest post featuring Austin Robey, co-founder at Ampled in an FF exclusive.


By Joey DeBruin and Nir Kabessa - Jun 17, 2021

Tokenized Access and Subscriptions

The focus of this piece is to highlight the important business opportunities that social tokens and NFTs enable for services, software, and creators without 3rd party investment. We cover what tokenized access and subscriptions look like, ongoing experiments with the tech, as well as the numerous advantages over traditional SaaS.



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