Introducing the Drop Space

New drop from the fam.

By Forefront - Dec 6, 2023

Welcome to the Drop Space, a Forefront media experiment unlocking the power of onchain curation and conversation. The first piece of featured media in the drop space is an insightful essay on 'The History of Collecting', a meta-exploration of the action driving the ecosystem.

Essay & Mintstream: At the heart of this experience is an interactive essay. Every reader can mint excerpts using Zora Notes, bringing a new dimension to content interaction. Accompanying this is the Mintstream – a dynamic, live feed showcasing mints and discussions directly from the essay.

Engage and Create: As you navigate through the essay, you're encouraged to highlight and mint your favorite quotes or sections. These snippets are then added to the Mintstream, enriching the ongoing, onchain conversation.

A Dive into Collecting: The essay presents a captivating narrative on the evolution of collecting through various historical milestones. It's designed to be open-ended, sparking reader participation and interpretation.

A Collaborative Platform: The Drop Space is an evolving platform, constantly introducing new ideas, experiences, and content. Have ideas on how we can highlight new and interesting media in the Space? Reach out! We'd love to hear from you!


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