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By Forefront - Dec 13, 2023

Now Available: Forefront Founder Archives

Forefront Founder Archives are now onchain! Dive into the rich history of consumer crypto's early foundations.


By Forefront - Dec 6, 2023

Introducing the Drop Space

New drop from the fam.


By Jihad Esmail - May 3, 2023

Economic Models for Tokenized Communities

How do we create sustainable cash- or value-flow for tokenized communities? This essay outlines 9 strategies and their pros and cons.


By Jihad Esmail - May 3, 2023

Dropping as a DAO

One way DAOs leverage their collective power is through Droposals – originally coined by Gami – which are proposals made by the DAO to create and release products or collectibles, often in collaboration with artists, that generate revenue for the DAO while fostering user engagement.


By Julia Pepper - Sep 15, 2022

Digital Rest: Blockchain Leisure Culture

Crate Digger is a series by Forefront editor Julia Pepper on how the blockchain is affecting and creating internet subcultures. You can follow her on Twitter at @julia_pepper23.


By Maxwell Kanter and Scott Moore - Aug 23, 2022

An Exploration of Internet-Native Organizations

Forefront Journal publishes essays from the frontier of web3 social and tokenized communities. This is a guest essay from Scott Moore and Maxwell Kanter of Gitcoin.


By Allen Taylor - Aug 9, 2022

How Social Tokens Can Transform Book Publishing

Forefront Journal publishes essays from the frontier of web3 social and tokenized communities. This is a guest essay from Allen Taylor, author of Cryptocracy.


By Azeem Khan - Jul 26, 2022

Music NFTs Breakout Moment?

In this essay, Azeem Khan reflects on his experiences in the music industry and web3 and asks what it will take for Music NFTs to have their breakout moment as they steadily gain popularity amongst creators.


By Forefront and Esha Bora - Jul 19, 2022

The Decentralized Science Movement

Exploring the potential of blockchain technology and tokenized communities in taking academic research to the next level.


By Forefront and Jihad Esmail - Mar 21, 2022

Tokenized Communities

Web3 has introduced a new type of organization: Tokenized Communities.


By Nir Kabessa - Nov 16, 2021

The Super DApp Thesis

The West’s WeChat (an all-in-one app that can do everything) will be a “Super DApp” consisting of one/few web3 apps/platforms integrating with a growing set of permissionless protocols, standards, and cloud solutions. Some worthy contenders have already emerged.


By Joey DeBruin - Oct 7, 2021

Why the New York Times Should be Tokenized

Special thanks to Sari Azout, and to Jihad and Carlos from Forefront for help getting this piece put together. Follow along with me on Twitter as we set these experiments live over the coming months.


By Forefront and rafathebuilder - Sep 21, 2021

Shaping your Community’s Contribution Zones

New digital native cities are emerging: first in the form of digital spaces (e.g. DAOs), and soon as physical expressions of their communities. At Forefront we are developing the port of entry, a digital city unto itself.


By rafathebuilder - Sep 3, 2021

I'm Quitting Web2 (And So Should You)

Something important is happening: The birth of a new economy


By Joey DeBruin - May 3, 2021

Using Social Tokens to Support Creators of Public Knowledge

This is a guest post featuring Joey DeBruin Forefront core contributor and Director of Product Management at ResearchGate.


By Makoto Inoue - May 3, 2021

Are L2/Sidechains Ready to Take on Social Tokens?

This is a guest post featuring FF Contributor Makoto Inoue, dev at ENS Domains and co-founder of Kickback in a FF exclusive.


By Shreyas Hariharan - Jan 28, 2021

Asset light in the physical world. Asset heavy in the digital world

This is a guest post featuring Shreyas Hariharan, founder of Llama and treasury manager with $JAMM community in a FF exclusive.


By Joey DeBruin - Jan 27, 2021

The Audience Grows the Creator

This is a guest post featuring Joey DeBruin Director of Product Management at ResearchGate. It originally appeared on The Product Kitchen. Subscribe to more of Joey's writing there.


By David Tomu - Jan 12, 2021

Unlocking the Token Ownership Economy

This is a guest post featuring David Tomu, co-founder of MintGate (Former DFAME) in a FF exclusive


By Nir Kabessa - Jan 12, 2021

Curator Economy: Monetizing Taste in Web3

Curation has its own roles in social media and curators represent a large and powerful demographic. Web3 protocols provide curators with new opportunities to monetize and creators with opportunities to form their communities around curation. Platforms also benefit from leveraging web3 curation and moderation protocols for their content feeds.



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