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▹ Team updates
▹ Forefront DAO Terminal
▹ Beginner’s Guide to Social Tokens by Linda Xie
▹ JScott Kominers & Jad Esber on Decentralized Identity
▹ DAO Community Leadership by @Rafathebuilder
▹ Krause House Mirror Crowdfund
▹ a16z DAOs Canon
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
Let’s get into it.

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Tokens. Linda Xie’s "A beginner’s guide…" essays have become must-reads for anyone getting into web3. This post is no exception. Covering every from social token definitions to use-cases and case studies, Linda boils down social tokens for anyone to understand. Whether you’re an expert or just getting started, definitely give this a read. P.S. We’re adding it to FF Learn! ANOTHER CLASSIC 🔥

How to DAO 401: DAO Community Leadership. Rafa does it again with this essay on DAO Community Leadership. The bottom line: "those with most influence in web3 are often those that have helped others become leaders." DAO leaders are those that can communicate the mission, guide contributors, and highlight exemplary work. This is a must-read for anyone working in a DAO. SPECIAL GEM 💎

Reputation Systems in Web3 - Part 2. Scott Kominers and Jad Esber follow-up their first essay on web3 reputation systems with this piece on decentralized identity. Rather than short-term "likes," they argue, web3 reputation systems are focused on the long-game as we build reputation over time across platforms and environments. They discuss the infrastructure necessary to bring this future to reality, and the possibilities that open up as we achieve it. PROMISING VIBES ✨

DAOs are the Opportunity of a Lifetime. The Bankless squad is obviously bullish on DAOs, and this piece highlights some reasons why. For the first time in history, humans are able to coordinate around specific, chosen goals at scale without having to worry about their background or status. DAOs are the opportunity of a lifetime. FF CO-SIGN ✍️

Providing Token Context and a Pulse to Communities. In this essay, Andrew Hong calls for "token context," a means of keeping pulse of communities and having a true understanding of what is happening within a DAO. Coincidentally, Forefront launched the DAO Terminal this week to do just that! CONTEXTUAL DIGEST 📈

ConstitutionDAO Did not Win the Auction. ConstitutionDAO, a DAO with the goal of purchasing a 1 of 11 copy of the U.S. Constitution, raised around $47,000,000 in just one week. While the group lost the bid (Citadel CEO Ken Griffin outbid them), they were successful in onboarding thousands of folks into web3 who created their first wallet and used ETH for the first time. Surely there will be many more experiments to come! THE NEW ONRAMP 🔮

DAOs, A Canon by a16z Future. a16z continues their crypto content curation with “DAOs, A Canon” featuring Forefront, Cabin, FWB, and many other friends of FF, this is a great resource for those diving into the world of DAOs. DAOS STACK 🥞

Krause House Crowdfund. Krause House is going to buy an NBA team. After months of community building and planning, the DAO has now raised 396 ETH (over $1.6M) to see the DAO treasury and push forward their mission. The excitement in the Discord is infectious, understandably so given the mission. Definitely check it out! LEGENDARY WAGBAT 🏀

Social Tokens Index Fact Sheets - Index Coop Proposal

Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise adds support for bridging tokens to Polygon, making tokens non-transferrable and profile updates for showing quests, token utility, active airdrop campaigns.

David from MintGate

MintGate recently launched a feature that lets you crowdfund your next creative project! New updates include:
- You can now add a sales target to an NFT page at a set date/time. 
- Your token gated links gated with your NFTs can now be edited directly on the NFT page, in addition to the Gated Links dashboard. 

FF Team

This week we launched Forefront DAO Terminal, a place for contributors, DAO members, and explorers to get a high-level view of what the DAO is working on, who's involved, and where things are trending.

Following the release of the first section on Digital Economy Canon, we launched the FF Awards, check it out here, and stay tuned for the next section dropping this Tuesday.

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▹ NFT - Music NFTs GMI by BlockchainBrett
▹ Opinion - Costly Signals of Skill
▹ Crypto - El Salvador Launches $1b bitcoin bond
▹ Watch - Bradley Miles on BlockCrunch
▹ Listen - SquiggleDAO on Delphi Digital
▹ Proposal - Index Coop Governance Framework
▹ Deep Dives - The Reading Ape on Coordinape
▹ Guides - Safeguarding the Movement by Zora
▹ Interesting - Introducing: Otis House
▹ Cool - Surge Female-led Web3 Community
▹ Tooling - PartyBid New Features
▹ Techy - Impermanent Loss in Uniswap v3

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