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▹ Team updates
▹ FF Upcoming Wellness Sessions
▹ The Future of Crypto by Chris Dixon
▹ DAO Tool Observatory by DAOist
▹ Nansen on DAOs
▹ NFTs Value by Steve Kaczynski
▹ ConstitutionDAO / WGBTC
▹ ... much more

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Forefront Digital Economy Canon - Podcast. The Forefront Digital Economy Canon is a curated series of all of the top people, publications, and pieces of content in web3 today. Our first edition was Podcasts, where $FF holders could vote on their favorite podcasts using a Mirror Race! Congratulations to our top three – be on the lookout for some fun stuff moving forward! FF CURATION GAME 🏆

The Future of Crypto by Chris Dixon & Packy McCormick. Alongside Packy’s announcement that he’s joining the a16z Crypto team as an advisor, he and Chris Dixon wrote a hard-hitting piece for The Economist on the future of crypto. From DeFi to NFTs to user ownership, they hit on all of the points you would expect, making this a clean introduction to web3 for any folks wondering where the hype is coming from and where it’s headed. AHEAD OF THE CURVE 🚀

Turing-Complete Governance by Saffron Huang. In this essay, Saffron Huang argues for “Turing-Complete Governance,” a framework for DAO governance that ensures “its technical properties grease the flywheel of decision-making, community building and participation, rather than staying the center of attention.” As we experiment with collective and decentralized governance across our communities, zooming out and analyzing the design space from a high level will only become more important. FRESH TAKE 🍃

DAO Tool Observatory. The DAOist, in collaboration with some friends around the space, conducted a deep dive into the current state of DAO tooling. They outline two categories: DAO Launchers and DAO Tools. They break down each across a variety of traits and features, including decision-making processes and treasury management capabilities. While the space is evolving at an unbelievable pace, this write-up is an excellent snapshot of where we are today. SUPER INSIGHTFUL 🔬

How NFTs Create Value. Steve Kaczynski and Scott Kominers explore NFTs in a recent Harvard Business Review article. In this piece, they explain how NFTs create value from tangible use-cases, community building and access, accessible on-ramps, and so much more. This is a great piece to send to a friend who is just getting into the world of NFTs. ON CHAIN OWNERSHIP ✨

First DeFi, Then NFTs, Now DAOs by Nansen. Nansen explores the recent “waves” of crypto and why we’re currently headed for (already in?) the DAO wave. Amongst other key insights, such as top contributors across the space, the essay’s examination of what drives value in DAOs is worth a read. DEEP DIVE 🌊

Incentive Design & Tooling for DAOs. Aragon has been on a roll with DAO breakdowns. In this essay, the team explores key factors to consider in developing your DAO tooling and incentive mechanisms, including reputation of contributors, definability of tasks, and necessary oversight. They then dig into how different DAO tools might help fill these needs. "DAO STACK 💠

ConstitutionDAO WGBTC. WGBTC: We’re Gonna Buy The Constitution. For the first time in decades, a 1/11 manuscript of the U.S. Constitution is going on sale at Sotheby’s. In just 7 days, a DAO is being formed to organize around the goal of purchasing and fractionalizing The Constitution. $3M has been committed so far. If you missed the action we highly recommend reading this Packy McCormick piece. Btw, If anybody knows Nicolas Cage, let us know! WGCTC INDEED (📜,📜)

Social Tokens Index Fact Sheets - Index Coop Proposal

Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise airdrop contracts are now upgraded to cost ~25% less gas for bulk transfers on ethereum mainnet & polygon network. In addition, we've taken off additional airdrop fees on bulk transfers.

David from MintGate

We worked on improving our UX/UI and token minting this week:
- Search for your favorite creators with our search bar
- New layout for the NFT page
- Mint NFTs with custom metadata, add properties to your gated content

FF Team

This weeks marks the official kickoff of Forefront Off Season, featuring community feedback opportunities, North Star sessions, Values Design, and much more. 

The first set of Wellness and Mental Health sessions are set to start Monday, 10AM PST. All event will be open to all, join us.

For more updates on the DAO make sure you checkout this weeks edition of FF Wrapped.

Catalog Music NFTs
Multiple Auctions
U.S. Constitution - First Print
Auction on Nov 18th

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