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▹ Team updates
▹ Shaping Community Contribution Zones by FF Contributors
▹ DAOs Report by Gitcoin x BanklessDAO
▹ Coopahtroopa going full time DAO
▹ FWB on Business Insider
▹ 101 BAYC sold at Sotheby's for $24M
▹ FF at MCON
▹ ... much more

Plus: What’s Poppin' / Market Pills / Trading Drops
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Shaping Community’s Contribution Zones. Forefront is not only at the cutting edge of DAO insights, but also DAO development. In constructing our own framework for DAO contributions, an idea has emerged that we’ve termed “Contribution Zones,” a system that treats working for a DAO much like urban planning. Check out this post from Forefront contributors explaining the idea. DIGITAL CITIES GARDENING

Unbundling Social Tokens. In this essay, the team at Creator Cabins questions whether economic value, membership, and governance should be tied up in the same community token. While the answer is “complicated,” they propose NFT Passports as a potential solution – definitely worth the read. FRESH TAKE

DAOs Report by Gitcoin & BanklessDAO. Gitcoin and BanklessDAO teamed up for a comprehensive survey of DAO contributors, digging into tooling, pay, time spent, and much more. This is the first report of its kind, and the results are worth diving into for anybody working on building a DAO. HOT REPORT

FWB featured on Business Insider. DAOs are hitting the mainstream, and FWB is front and center. Although the piece centers the cost and valuation of the social DAO, the coverage is just another reminder of how far we’ve come – and how much we have left to go. MAINSTREAM ALERT

Full-Time DAOs by Coopahtroopa. Friend-of-Forefront Cooper Turley is going full-time on DAOs (wait… he wasn’t already? Legend). In this post, Cooper shares his story of working in DAOs since 2018, and why “All DAOs Lead to Coopahtroopa." Truly inspirational for anyone looking to make the leap. MAJOR MOVE

Speculation is a superpower. Speculation is often seen as a necessary evil of crypto. Here, Zoras Jacob Horne offers an alternate view: “speculation is imagination with action.” Speculation can be a powerful tool for inventing and investing in the future. BACK TO BASICS REMINDER

The Internet As Religion. David Phelps does it again with “The Internet as Religion.” This essay explores the ways in which the internet not only allows us power previously only held by gods, but also gives us the ability to mold and craft our own religion… the internet itself. RED/"BLUE"

FF at MCON. The Metacartel squad is hosting MCON this week, a conference about DAOs. A few Forefront contributors will be in Denver speaking/attending. If you’re interested in meeting up, let us know in the Discord! FF 🤝 MCON

101 BAYC sold at Sotheby's for $ 24M USD. NFTs hit yet another milestone this week with a stack of Bored Apes selling for almost $25M at Sotheby’s. The fact that this is no longer shocking news is quite shocking in and of itself! ANOTHER ONE

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Jenil from Coinvise

Coinvise is hosting V3 Keynote this week 16th Sept, 9 AM PST to go over our latest update on the platform & plans for the future. Join our discord to attend the keynote live and receive a POAP.

David from MintGate

We have updated our product to include Crowdfunding, Event Tickets, and Gated eBook NFTs. Mint your gated content here.

FF Team

Busy week for Forefront. We hosted 2 separate hangouts (on Wed 8th) w/ Blvckhvnds Ameer "Sirsu" to discuss the future of decentralized esports, and "Quitting time" where forefront members came together to discuss going full-time web3.

This week also marks the premiere of FF Wrapped, a weekly snapshot of what’s happening in the Forefront DAO. Read more here.

As always a lot of developments happening in our in-house guilds, join Forefront discord to learn more on how to get involved.

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▹ Recap - FF Hangout "Quitting Time" Call Notes
▹ Read - The Future of Work by Stephen McKeon
▹ Listen - Vitalik Buterin on Retroactive Public Goods Funding
▹ NFT - Forbes on NFT Generative Art
▹ Live - Gitcoin Public Goods Funding
▹ Launching Soon - The Myco Blueprint
▹ Mainstream - Twenty Percent of a Picture of a Dog
▹ Drop - WAGMIGOTCHI no. 2 by Dom Hoffman
▹ Interview - ZORA’s new Community Lead, LATASHÁ
▹ Tooling - Quadratic Trust
▹ Web2 - Ray-Ban x Facebook Smart Glasses
▹ DeFi - Algorand launches $300M DeFi Fund
▹ Techy - Building Networks of Cryptonetworks
▹ Thread - The Other Internet Toby about Exclusivity

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