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Crypto x AI

Watch >> How AI Will Change Web3 Forever | Co-Founders Of Giza Cem F Dagdelen & Fran Algaba


DeFiLlama ChatGPT Plugin


The Convergence Of Crypto And AI: Four Key Intersections

Kyle Samani

Folklore Introduces Ark ("Authentic Record Of Knowledge"): A Community Mind


CheckTheChain Is Now An Official OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin

Ross Campbell

AI Devs Evoke Satoshi Nakamoto With 'Talk2Satoshi' Chatbot


"CheckTheChain" Is A ChatGPT Plugin That Lets AI Read Blockchains And Do Real-Time Analysis. Live For Devs Today!

Ross Campbell

The Many Robot Experiences


Introducing Orion: A Verifiable, Fully Open-Source, Extensible Framework For ML Inference To Superpower Web3 + AI


Introducing Gelato LensGPT: Write A Prompt & Relax As LensGPT Publishes Your Custom Context 3x Per Day


A Paradigm Shift: VC Fund Paradigm Broadening Crypto-Only Focus To Areas Including AI

The Block

Where Artificial Intelligence And Crypto Meet


Solana Blockchain Integrates ChatGPT Plugin, Launches AI Accelerator

The Block

zkML: Evolving The Intelligence Of Smart Contracts Through Zero-Knowledge Cryptography

Accelxr (1kx)

Cool >> Network States Is An Upcoming Onchain Strategy Game. Every Move Generates A Story.

Small Brain Games

Introducing Centaurs: Blazing New Trails In AI DAOs


Ceramic Network And Autonolas Announce Partnership To Revolutionize AI-Tooling For DAOs

Ceramic, Autonolas

Grimes & Angelbaby: The Dawn Of On-Chain AI Music Mania

Mikey 0x

Generative Art Will Be A Multiplayer Exercise In Meaning-Making

Tina Dai, Simon Hudson

StabilityAI Founder On AI x Crypto

Emad Mostaque

Listen >> Governing AI + Web3 Data Unions | Jake Brukham

On The Other Side

Google: "We Have No Moat, And Neither Does OpenAI"

Dylan Patel, Afzal Ahmad

Listen >> Potential Of AI In DAOs | David Minarsch (Varlory Co-Founder)

DAO Talk (Tally)

Watch >> Crypto + AI: Uncovering The Next Unicorn

Good Game

How To Make Music Using GrimesAI


If AI Is An Unstoppable Force, Crypto Is An Immovable Object


Mark Cuban Suggests NFTs As A Solution To IP Rights In A World With AI-Generated Content Proliferation

Mark Cuban

The Interplay Between AI Abundance + Crypto Scarcity

Jesse Walden

LLMs Break The Internet. Signing Everything Fixes It.

Gordon Brander

Forefront Newsletter Issue 137: The Digital Flip — Gradually And Then Suddenly


One Outcome Of AI-Proliferated Content Is CC0 NFTs

Li Jin

Leading Web3 Music Artist Reo Cragun In Favor Of Others Training AI Models With His Voice

Reo Cragun

Artist Grimes Agrees To Split Royalties From AI Vocals Of Her Voice Using Smart Contracts


Crypto Firms Alleged To Have Faked Execs Using AI And Actors


The Convergence Of AI And Web3: Opportunities And Challenges

Mohamed Fouda, Qiao Wang

If You Have A Delegate Statement On The Nouns Agora Platform, You Can Now Auto-Generate Your Vote Reason


On The AI And Crypto Duality


Cool >> Lens Protocol Feed Summarizer (With GPT-4)

Ricky Esclapon

Empowering Users To Verify Twitter’s Algorithmic Integrity With ZKML

Daniel Kang

Checks And Balances: Machine Learning And Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Elena Burger

CryptoGPT Is An Outright Scam

Jason Yanowitz

WTF >> CryptoGPT Raises Funds At A $250M Token Valuation

The Block

Introducing Governatooorr: An Autonomous AI-Powered Delegate For DAO Governance


SolidityGPT: GPT-Based Bot Trained On Solidity Codebase And Several Eth Projects To Answer Technical Qs


Introducing Contract Wizard: Given A Contract’s Address, It Will Describe To You What The Contract Does


Fetch.AI Launches Agentverse: Create Your Own Agent On The Fetch Network


The Best Argument For $1M BTC

John Palmer

Dune Announces Query Explanations, Its First GPT4-Powered Feature, And Shares Its LLM Roadmap


Social Media App Idea: Use GPT To Aggregate Your Feed Into A Single Curated Summary

Nader Dabit

Smart-Contract Reviews Powered By OpenAI’s GPT-4